Driving Alert the Natural Way

Driving Alert the Natural Way

Here are some natural ways to relevel the effects of fatigue and boredom on the open road.

Let’s face it, life on the road can be quite monotonous! Long hauls can be boring after about the first 10 or 20 miles. The continuous sound of your engine running and wheels humming against the surface of the road, doesn’t exactly harmonize with whatever music you are playing. Most of the scenery on long hauls is the same, especially if you’ve driven the haul before- you’ve seen all there is to see. These two potentially deadly combinations, the white noise of the tires and nothing visually exciting to keep your attention contribute to road fatigue, is what causes the eyelids to sag and could potentially lead to much bigger problems. Fortunately, there are natural ways to relevel the effects of fatigue and boredom on the open road.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Try to incorporate a quick nap into your driving schedule before you hit the road again. Studies have shown that even if you sleep for less than an hour, your body receives the crucial rest it needs to help you stay awake into the night. Pull over and take 20-minute power-naps while en route when you need them as well. Don’t try and fight your fatigue to save time; you might end up hurting others and yourself. Open your windows and let the oxygen flow through your cabin. This works particularly well if it’s toasty and warm in your cab and cold outside. Like diving into cold water, cold air gives your system a temporary jolt, shocking your sense into alertness. Music and audio books can keep the mind active and alert. Especially the latter, if you find yourself immersed in a particularly gripping audio book, you may find yourself more attentive while driving.

Stretch Your Legs

If you find that a particular route or stretch of road is especially tiring and exhausting, why not take a break and stretch your legs? Pull over get out of your cab and stretch your legs. You’re sitting for extended periods of time and you need to move around to keep your blood flowing; this keeps your energy up. Keep the authorities happy at the same time by using a quick truck and trailer inspection as your excuse to stop driving for a second. A walk around your rig should perk you up!

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