Trucking: Day Vs. Night


Driving during both day and night hours each come with their own challenges.

In many ways, being a trucker is more of a lifestyle than a job. Its demands, particularly upward of 300 days per year on the road, will certainly limit what time you spend at home, thus impacting relationships with those around you. And because it may be two years before you can move into a regional driving position that allows for you to return home weekly, instead of once every three weeks, spouses or partners deserve some say in your deliberations before you decide if driving a truck for a living is for you. When it comes to life on the road a lot of things have to be taken into account. One major factor being: is better to drive during the day or at night?

Pros of Driving at Night

The number one reason many drivers prefer nighttime driving is that there is less traffic on the road. It’s hard to deny that driving is more relaxing when you’re not getting stuck in traffic or commuting through rush hour. The extended periods of sitting stationary while waiting for traffic to crawl along can drive anyone insane, so, with the thought of an open stretch of road would surely appeal to any trucker. One thing drivers must learn to time is stopping for their break at a truck stop. Stop too late, and a truck stop can be completely full. Nighttime driving provides the advantage that when you pull in early morning, most drivers are getting up and taking off for the day, so there’s rarely a shortage of parking.

Pros of Driving During the Day

Many drivers prefer daytime driving simply because it aligns with our natural circadian rhythms. We’re programmed to be awake during the daytime and asleep during the nighttime. Some drivers prefer daytime driving because it’s easier to see traffic conditions, potential hazards, and what’s going on down the road. It’s really more of a greater sense of alertness when it comes to driving during the day, with our minds and bodies being more naturally responsive to the onset roads and fellow drivers.

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