How To Safely Navigate A Truck During A Stormy Day

How To Safely Navigate A Truck During A Stormy Day Evan TransportationWhen the weather calls for heavy showers, truck drivers must be able to navigate their trucks safely. With fall coming up, truck drivers can expect weather conditions to be windy, raining, or both. Therefore, here are some tips to follow as a trucker to safely navigate your truck during a stormy day.

Get Rid Of Any Distractions

Before getting in your truck, it’s essential to get rid of any distractions. Therefore, before turning your key, you should put your phone on silent or on do not disturb. Be sure to set up your GPS and put your phone somewhere that’s out of reach, so you’re not tempted to go on it. Additionally, you’ll want to place any snacks or beverages within easy reach of your seat, so you can be utterly attentive to the road while driving. 

Keep Your Music At A Low Volume

You should be able to hear your truck’s surroundings in case of any emergency, so you should keep the radio at a low volume. It’s critical to pay attention to any alerts or weather updates and remain focused on the road.

Take Your Time Accerlating & Decelerating

If you’re driving in heavy rain, you need time to accelerate and decelerate. To remain in control of your truck, you should reduce your speed by five miles per hour when driving during bad road conditions. Additionally, you should drive slow around and curves, or if there’s any traffic.

Drive Truck Lower Than The Posted Speed Limit

If you’re driving a passenger vehicle, going a little over the speed limit is typically alright. However, when you’re driving an 18 wheeler, especially in the rain, going a few miles over can cause a severe accident. It’s in your best interest to drive under the posted speed limit to ensure your safety and the safety of overs. If the weather is too severe in your area, pull off to the side of the road or parking lot until the weather becomes safe to drive in.

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