Safety Tips for Summer


As summer begins, here are some important tips for trucking safety!

Last week we discussed the best ways to beat heavy summer traffic, but how can we protect ourselves when we can’t avoid the high volume on the roads? According to a survey by the Department of Transportation in 2014, summer is the most dangerous season to be driving in. There are eighteen percent more fatal accidents in the summer months than in the winter months. There are many factors that can contribute to this from congestion to weather. When driving is your job in the congested east coast, safety is the most important in the trucking life.

Checking Your Cab

Ensuring that your truck or trailer has safe tires can help you greatly in the long run. Not only does checking for tire pressure help save you money by improving fuel efficiency, paying close attention to tread on your tires can help you in expected summer weather especially prevalent along the east coast. You should also make sure that your truck is not over packed. You should never exceed the maximum weight or it can cause big trouble out on the road

Preparing for Everything

Preparedness for traffic was an important topic last week, but preparedness can also keep you safe out on the road. Make sure that you have a sunshield for your cab whenever you park to keep out the glare from the sun in your truck’s interior. To avoid unexpected drowsiness or illness make sure you are prepared with water and allergy medication. Water can prevent dehydration in the summer air- this can cause dizziness and make you lose focus on the road. Summer allergies caused by pollen can lead to sneezing and congestion which can also make you drowsy and your reflexes slower.

Safety in Weather

Sudden storms are not uncommon during the summer months. Even sunny thunderstorms can cause a glare upon the road and make the pavement slick. A road is most slick within the first half hour of a storm because the oils of the road are rising to the surface. Ensure your brakes are working correctly and if your vision is compromised, pull over and stop driving. Sometimes in extreme weather it’s better to just wait them out. Be aware of other drivers during these instances as well. A part of trucking life is being cautious of surroundings and how they affect us.

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