How Truckers Can Beat the Summer Traffic

Busy Road

When the weather warms up, expect many more vehicles on the road.

Summertime is the season for travelers- throughout the scorching summer days families and friends pack up and migrate toward the coasts, toward theme parks and to other vacation areas for a little rest and relaxation. The average commuter understands the struggle of the inconsistency and high volume of traffic during the summer but what about a trucker whose job it is to drive? It’s hard not to get lethargic or weary when the summer sun comes beating down and the traffic comes with it but there are some smart ways to beat the heat and make the bumper to bumper more bearable.

Consider When You’re Driving

Consider the times you’re driving and whether or not they’re at peak times. Trucker Classifieds suggests that during the summer the best time to drive is early in the morning or late at night, especially on week days. Not only will you get respite from the sun, in humid areas of the U.S. you’ll be likely to have a little reprieve as well. For long hauls especially, avoiding high traffic times is key to making checkpoints on time and avoiding majorly populated areas. If you’re lucky enough to work within a smaller region the likelihood of understand the ebb and flow of traffic is higher, so be sure to listen to the radio and pay attention.

What Have You Prepared?

When preparing for summer driving conditions, preparation is key. A trucker never knows what they might encounter on the road, whether it’s stalled traffic on a one lane road or bumper to bumper crawl on a busy weekend morning to the beach, preparedness is most important. Brush up on defensive driving techniques and always stay cautious, other drivers are never as cautious as they should be around big trucks and you’ll never know when you need to swerve around an obstacle. Prepare for summer heat waves by stocking your rig with drinking water, non-perishable foods, sunblock, and extra clothes in case things get a little too warm out there.

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