Three Common Causes Of Trucking Accidents and How To Avoid Them

Truck Maintenance

Learn about three common causes of trucking accidents and how to avoid them.

Truckers must be extremely careful and cautious drivers, as one mistake can potentially result in an accident. However, most trucking accidents don’t happen because of driving errors, they occur because truckers are overtired or have problems with the truck itself. Continue reading to learn about three common causes of trucking accidents and how to avoid them.


Unfortunately, truck driver fatigue is very common, and results in many accidents that could have been avoided. Because of the challenging schedule, truckers often work for long hours at a time, and fall behind on sleep. Without proper rest, we lose focus easily, and have a hard time paying attention to the road. Fatigue also cuts down a driver’s reaction time significantly, and one slow reaction can quickly result in an accident. That is why it is essential for truckers to rest and take breaks, and pull over whenever they feel too tired to drive.

Brake Issues

Another cause of trucking accidents is defective brakes, as the truck will put a lot of stress on the braking system. When hauling large loads across the country, truckers know that brake maintenance is crucial to ensure they do not fail. Truck maintenance should have a routine schedule to ensure the brakes are in good shape and will never be the cause of an accident. A truck without brakes is not easy to stop, and it may roll on for miles, hitting anything in its way.

Overloaded Truck

If the freight crew who loads up a commercial truck is not mindful of the weight, they can overload the trailer- which results in many problems. An overloaded truck, or a truck with an unbalanced load, is very dangerous, as they can overturn with a shift of movement. Taking a sharp turn in a truck is already risky, but with an unbalanced load, the truck is much more likely to tip over. Also, overloaded trucks put even more pressure on the brakes, which may result in brake failure even with proper maintenance.

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