3 Rush Hour Traffic Tips For Truckers

Check out these rush hour traffic tips for truckers.

Check out these rush hour traffic tips for truckers.

Rush hour traffic is annoying for every driver, however, it can be worse for truckers by affecting their job with late deliveries. Rush hour traffic is almost impossible to avoid during peak hours, especially in busy cities. Continue reading for a few tips on how truckers can get through rush hour as best as possible.

Take A Break During Rush Hour

Rush hour is often the same every weekday, as 9-5 workers are driving to and from work. Since it’s easy to be prepared for rush hour every day, it’s important for truckers to schedule their day around traffic. Many truckers choose to leave early to purposely avoid peak hours, or take their dinner break for 5-6pm to miss as much traffic as possible.

Refuel Mind and Body

Sitting in traffic is only worse when you feel tired, hungry, and mentally exhausted. Truckers are much better off when they refuel their mind and body before rush hour, by either taking a nap, having a healthy lunch, or simply have a break to ensure their mind is focused and alert when they get back on the road. All drivers are on edge during rush hour and want to get out of traffic as quickly as possible, which means that there are higher risks of accidents from reckless drivers. Truckers know better than to drive recklessly, but being focused and alert allows them to stay safe from impatient drivers.

Stay Informed

Some traffic isn’t worth sitting in, as other road and weather conditions may cause truckers to sit in hours of standstill traffic. Truck drivers should always use the radio or traffic apps to learn about their route ahead of time, and avoid routes with construction zones or hazardous weather conditions. The more informed you are of your route, the better you’ll be when faced with challenging conditions. Sometimes, truckers must make the decision if its worth it to sit in traffic, or pull off to a rest stop.

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