Rain and Storm Safety Tips For Truck Drivers

driving in fog

Check out these valuable rain and storm safety tips for truckers.

Truck drivers face challenges and obstacles every day, ranging from traffic and speed limits to bad weather conditions. No matter the season, severe weather causes extreme safety concerns for truck drivers and increases the risk of dangerous situations for truckers and other drivers on the road. Continue reading for some valuable safety tips for driving through rain or a bad storm.

Weather Terms

Before setting out on a long haul, most truckers know to check the weather forecast, but do you really know what all the terms mean? Knowing the difference between a “watch” and a “warning” is crucial while on the road, and conditions can change very quickly. Take a look at these essential terms to know:

  • Severe thunderstorm watch: Conditions are likely to develop into severe storms with wind gusts up to 58 mph.
  • Severe thunderstorm warning: A warning is issued when a severe thunderstorm is spotted and is occurring in the warning area that can last 30 minutes to an hour.
  • Tornado watch: The weather pattern can result in severe thunderstorms that can produce tornadoes around the watch area. If you are in the affected area, it is encouraged to prepare for severe weather and take cover, meaning it is up to drivers to decide if they should stay off the roads.
  • Tornado warning: This usually means that a tornado has been spotted, or radar has indicated a tornado in the warning area. If you are in the affected area when the warning is issued, it is highly encouraged to take cover immediately.

Planning For Bad Weather

As you check weather along your route, look for any warnings of severe weather along the path. If it is possible, try to re-route or plan your departing time to avoid as much bad weather as possible. If you can’t re-route, it may be best to leave after the storm has passed. Truckers may be afraid of arriving late, but professional truckers know that personal safety is crucial, and arriving late is better than not arriving at all. Also, keep an emergency kit in your truck at all times in the event of an emergency or unplanned bad weather. The kit should include a flashlight, non-perishable food, a lot of water, towels, first aid kits, and an NOAA weather radio.

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