Tips For Handling Summer Traffic As A Trucker

Check out these 3 tips for handling summer traffic as a trucker.

Check out these 3 tips for handling summer traffic as a trucker.

Truck driving in the summer months is difficult enough with the hot sun beating down on you through the windshield all day, but it’s even worse with the extra traffic. As the weather warms up, more and more people hit the road for beach days or to get away on vacation, resulting in inconsistent and high volumes of traffic. Since it’s a truck driver’s job to be on the road all day, summer traffic can be a huge inconvenience. Continue reading to learn a few tips on how to prepare and beat the traffic this summer.

Driving Times Are Crucial

It’s very important to schedule your driving times accordingly to avoid as much traffic as possible. While summer traffic can be inconsistent, the best times to drive are typically very early in the morning or late at night, and try to avoid driving on weekends whenever possible. In addition to averting traffic, driving before the sun rises or after the sun sets allows you to stay cool, rather than baking in the afternoon sun. Another tip is to take your breaks during rush hour and lunchtime to save yourself from road rage when the traffic gets backed up.

Defensive Driving

Summer tends to come with more distracted driving, as teens are blasting music with the windows down, people become tired from the heat, or tourists drive around lost with no idea where they’re going. That means truck drivers should practice even more defensive driving techniques than usual to keep an eye out for any potentially dangerous situations. With the increase of drivers and distraction, truck drivers must be on their A game and stay focused to keep themselves and other drivers safe.

What To Keep In Your Truck

Even when you plan your schedule carefully, truckers are going to get stuck in traffic in the summer sun and must be prepared. In addition to your emergency kit, have a special summer preparedness kit ready to go. This should include things like sunblock, aloe vera, sun hat, a quality pair of sunglasses, moisture-wicking clothes, and always have extra water nearby. It’s also always a good idea to be prepared for a breakdown with items that can save your life, including water purification tablets, shelf-stable foods, foils blankets, extra shoes, and an emergency cell phone with a solar charger.

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