Stretches and Exercises For Truckers To Do On The Road

Check out these great stretches and exercises for truckers to do on the road.

Check out these great stretches and exercises for truckers to do on the road.

Truckers have a difficult job that requires their full attention while on the road, but sitting for so long can lead to health problems and back pain. While they don’t have as much freedom to take a walk and stretch their legs as many other workers do, it’s important to find time whenever possible to stretch and exercise every day. Continue reading to learn a few easy stretches and exercises truckers can do on the road to ensure they take care of their body and health.


The easiest type of exercise is taking a walk or run, as you can do it practically anywhere with no equipment. Truckers can take a few laps around their trailer whenever they park for the night and will sleep soundly knowing they’ve burned some calories and worked their muscles. Truckers can calculate how far they’ve run by knowing 32 laps around a tractor-trailer is equal to one mile, or knowing that 30 minutes of walking/running burns 200-300 calories.

Back Stretches

After driving all day, truckers really need a good stretch to decompress their spine and relax their muscles. Backbends are great for relieving back pain, as you simply place your hands on your hips behind your back, then lean back as far as you can for 5-10 seconds. Repeat about five times, then switch to front bends. For this stretch, keep your hands on your hips behind your back, but lean forward this time. This will actually help your legs and loosen up your hamstrings after a long day of driving.


If you’ve never tried a yoga, now’s a great time to start! Yoga is mainly about stretching the muscles, focusing on breathing, and working on balance. For truckers who sit all day and tend to cramp up, doing a few yoga poses is great for lessening muscle pain, headaches, and reduce blood pressure. Other health benefits include increased flexibility, improved respiration and energy, and weight loss. Aside from the physical benefits, yoga also provides many mental benefits. As truckers must remain completely focused while on the road and often deal with stressful situations, one of the most significant benefits of yoga is reducing stress.

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