Essential Trucking Tips For New Drivers

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Check out these trucking tips every new driver needs to know!

New truck drivers have a lot to learn, and should always be willing to take advice from expert truckers. Truck driving takes a lot of practice and dedication, and qualified trainers are the best for giving helpful tips. Here are a few tips from experienced drivers that every new driver should read and take with them on their way to becoming a professional trucker.

Check On Your Truck After Parking

Have you ever seen an empty truck with flashing lights or blinkers on in the parking lot? It’s easy for a trucker to forget to turn off their lights or accidentally bump their blinker while exiting their truck, and it happens all the time. Don’t let that be you! One professional trucker thanks their trainer for giving them one of the most important lessons: look back at your truck after parking.

Pre-trip Inspections

Truckers often will be asked if they did a “pre-trip” randomly, so you always want to be prepared by doing a thorough pre-trip inspection. When a DOT officer asks about the inspection, you should be confident that you looked at the inspection date, lights, tires, pins, fifth wheel, and the valve stem covers.

Never Swerve On The Road

Roads are often full of random items and debris that cars are able to avoid, but swerving in a truck is highly dangerous. Even if there is an animal in the middle of the road, truckers cannot swerve to avoid the animal. This sounds harsh, but a truck is extremely heavy and swerving on a busy highway can cause severe damage to the driver and other drivers on the road. If you see items or animals in the middle of the road, the only thing you can do is grip the wheel tightly and remain straight, and slow down as safely as possible.

Pay Attention To Tire Path

When you see the spot you want to take from a truck that just pulled out, paying attention to the tire path is the best way to back into the space. Aim your tires toward the path, and you’ll greatly improve the accuracy for backing into a spot. However, don’t forget another piece of crucial advice: G.O.A.L, or Get Out And Look, to ensure your truck is heading in the right direction.

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