4 Safe Driving Tips For Construction Zones

Read over these safe driving tips for construction zones.

Read over these safe driving tips for construction zones.

All drivers on the road must be aware of driving safely through construction zones, especially truck drivers. Construction zones typically have many signs with bright colors or lights to notify drivers of the road conditions ahead. The zones almost always have slower speed limits than previously stated on the highway, as slowing down and being aware of your surroundings is extremely important in these areas. Continue reading to learn more safe driving tips to know exactly what to do when approaching a construction zone.

Be Prepared

Truckers should always be prepared before heading on their route, so take the time to look for any construction zones or delays on your GPS. While not all GPS apps will be aware of work zones, it’s worth it to double check and look for possible detours before setting out on your drive.

Slow Down

As soon as you see a sign for a construction zone, carefully start to slow down. Many people don’t realize how much distance they cover while driving, and think they have more time to slow down than they actually do. For example, if you are traveling at 60 mph and wait to slow down until you reach a sign that says “Road Work In 1,500 feet,” you will be there in less than 20 seconds. This is not nearly enough time to slow down to a safe speed and can lead to a dangerous situation. Start slowing down, or at least preparing to slow down, at the first sign of a construction zone to keep yourself and everyone else on the road around you safe.


Work zones often cause traffic backups, and this is where the patience of a professional driver comes into play. Even though you may worry about being behind schedule, you should never drive dangerously or succumb to road rage. Remember that everyone else is in the same boat, and there is nothing to do but keep your calm and remain at a safe distance from other vehicles.

“Take 10”

Construction zones often result in lane closures and can be dangerous as many cars try to merge at the same time. As a trucker, you know that you need to alert those around you of your merging intentions as early as possible. “Take 10” is a phrase that means taking at least 10 seconds to complete your lane merge. Put on your turn signal at least three seconds before changing lanes (always looking at your mirrors and ensuring it is safe to do so,) then at least seven seconds to complete the lane change.

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