Freight Transport by Road in the Mid-Atlantic

Freight Transport by Road in the Mid-Atlantic

Shipping by road is one of the most versatile ways to transport goods; here’s why.

Freight transport by road means the delivery of goods via trucks for businesses. Freight, by definition, is any product that travels by truck, ship, rail, or plane to be sold or used at its destination. With multiple shipping options, you might wonder what the appeal of freight transport by road in the Mid-Atlantic region is. Stay tuned to find out, and feel free to ask Evan Transportation in Baltimore for more information!

Benefits of Freight Transport by Road in the Mid-Atlantic Region


Shipping by truck is cheaper than shipping your goods by air, sea, or train, especially if you are only transporting them across the Mid-Atlantic. While you could transport goods by ship along the east coast, you may find that truck shipping will save you money. If you ship by rail, you will still have to pay the costs of dropping off and picking up the goods by truck at either end of the train journey. If you are transporting fragile items, the extra handling adds risk; on top of this factor, packing cargo for a truck is less expensive than for air.

Efficient for Regional Shipping

At the end of the day, you will need to transport your goods by truck at some point in the journey. Keeping the shipment strictly in a truck the whole time will help simplify logistics. You can simplify it even more by using full truckload shipping, in which you have a whole truck to yourself and the least stops along the way.

Trucking comes with its challenges, such as delays due to accidents, road work, and bad weather, but there is almost always a detour available that a trucker can take swiftly to deliver your shipment on time.


As mentioned, truck shipping is more flexible than an outsider would know. Full truckload shipping is one type of trucking service; you could also hire LTL (Less-Than Truckload) shipping, in which you share cargo space with other companies. With freight transport by road, you have options that work best with your budget, timetable, and quality control needs.


There are different types of truck trailers that can accommodate the transportation needs of different goods. Evan Transportation is an expert at shipping all kinds of materials, including alcohol, hazardous materials, refrigerated items, and more. The trucking industry has a way to ship your product safely.

For All Your Trucking Needs

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