Why Do Trucks Need Diesel Fuel?

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Do semi-trucks really need diesel fuel? Why? We answer that here.

You might have noticed that semi-trucks use diesel rather than gasoline for fuel. Why do trucks need diesel fuel? Why is diesel better than gasoline for semis? Find out the answer to this popular question here!

Why Do Trucks Need Diesel Fuel?

Trucks Use Diesel Engines

Diesel fuel has its benefits for sure, but one should also take into account the mechanics behind using diesel fuel in the first place. You cannot use any type of fuel for just any engine. The engine must be built in such a way as to take in a specific fuel. 

In the case of semi-trucks, they have diesel engines that make the most of diesel fuel rather than gasoline. Cars use a spark plug to heat up the gasoline and air to produce energy and power. Trucks, on the other hand, use air compression to heat up the diesel. This method is the best way to make it ignite once it enters the cylinder. 

Diesel Engines Have More Power

Why does a semi-truck use this type of engine and fuel rather than a car’s system? Semi-trucks are quite large, as you well know, and they need to be able to carry tons of weight. How can they get from a still position to moving up and down hills? 

It has to do with torque and horsepower. The engine needs to produce enough torque to get the truck moving, and it also needs enough horsepower to make it go fast enough. The way diesel engines operate provides more horsepower and torque than a gasoline engine can and does it more efficiently. 

Therefore, based on what each engine is capable of, diesel engines have what it takes to propel and move semi-trucks, while gasoline engines can only support smaller vehicles.

Diesel Fuel Is Efficient and Cheap

Diesel and gasoline both come from crude oil. Gasoline is more expensive to process because it needs one more step of processing than diesel does. That is why diesel should be cheaper than gas, and therefore the most cost-effective fuel source for vehicles that need to travel long distances all the time. 

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