Trucking and AI in 2023

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How can AI propel the trucking industry forward? Learn more here.

Through good times and uncertain ones, every industry must plow and conquer, and that is no exception for the trucking industry. Trucking companies must carry their load of trials, but despite issues like trucker shortages, port congestions, and non-CDL compliances, there are roads toward progress, too. Despite the controversy concerning artificial intelligence, the relationship between trucking and AI may pave the way for a better trucking industry in future years.

How Trucking and AI Relate in 2023

Prevent Double Brokerages

Artificial intelligence can help alert trucking companies to the risks of a double brokerage. Each year, scammy double brokerages cause millions of dollars to be lost. A double brokerage is when someone books two truckers for the same load so that one misses out. AI can prevent these mistakes or scams.

Monitor and Report Safety

It can also view truckers’ driving habits and keep a record of their compliance with the law and positive habits. These reports can help trucking companies’ employees stay compliant with the law as well as get rewards for good driving. This aspect of trucking an AI is more controversial, but it is yet another facet of the relationship.

Economize Navigation

This characteristic of AI already exists in various technologies. AI can also help truckers determine what the best or fastest route is in real time. Truckers can have live reports and suggestions on how to get to your destination faster and easier.

Automate Trucks

There are also movements toward building self-driving trucks. Technology for self-driving cars is only somewhere there, so few expect self-driving semi trucks to hit the roads in less than several decades. 

Automating Paperwork

A lot of paperwork goes behind trucking. AI can take over tedious data entry jobs and perform them potentially quicker. AI can also help with scheduling and reporting vehicle issues via the Internet of Things. Over the centuries and decades, different technologies have developed and made adjustments to various industries, but in the end, people have harnessed them and breached new horizons of getting work done.

Trucking and 2023

This year has involved various changes, such as more AI-enhanced trucks hitting the market, used truck prices decreasing, and diesel prices rising. Through it all, AI is one part of this time of adjustment that can help truckers save money and perform work more quickly. 

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