Do Current Events Affect the Trucking Industry?

Do Current Events Affect the Trucking Industry?

What might you expect for the trucking industry amid current events? Find out here.

The trucking industry moves valuable commodities from manufacturing sites to the consumer. They are the vehicles of the flow of supply and demand. While trains, planes, and ships also assist in supply and demand, semi-trucks remain a robust form of freight transportation. Many events have transpired throughout the decades since trucks have hit the road. Do current events affect the trucking industry? The short answer is yes.

Government Policies

There is no denying that everyone felt the effects of COVID-19 and the shutdowns of transportation, human contact, businesses, churches, and more by the government and other entities. The trucking industry also felt them. Due to various forces, including inflation, we saw delays, layoffs, and truckers quitting in The Great Resignation, the movement in late 2021 where over 4.5 million people left their jobs. 

In addition, laws that a government enacts can also affect the industry, a prime example being the necessity of a commercial driver’s license for operating a semi-truck. Without a CDL, ensuring the truck driver can operate the vehicle safely may be harder.

Humanitarian Crises

When natural disasters occur, such as major hurricane damage, the government recruits truckers to deliver aid at the site. This rush to help those hurting in the country immediately impacts the trucking industry temporarily.

Technological Changes

Over the years, technology changes. Ways of filing paperwork changes, booking loads changes, and truck communications change. Truckers communicate through different apps aside from the CB radio, and behind-the-scenes paperwork is computerized and becoming more automated. With the lockdowns of 2020-2021, more transactions are online.

Cultural Values

A culture’s values and how it works can affect any industry. These days, more people are encouraged to go to college, go to graduate school, and get a reliable office job or become an influencer. Nevertheless, trade jobs and trucking are still fundamental to the success of a functioning society.

International Economy

International wars also can impact the trucking industry as it relates to the global economy. Historically, a war in the Middle East could impact gasoline and diesel prices. Wars could also mean global shipping delays, more domestic economic transactions, and possible domestic shipping delays due to heightened security at international shipping ports. 


The many ways that current events can impact the trucking industry shows just how vital it is to the country. Without truckers, we would not have most of the products and food we have in our homes. 

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