How To Make Your Truck Seat More Comfortable For Long Hauls

Learn how to make your truck seat more comfortable for long hauls.

Learn how to make your truck seat more comfortable for long hauls.

It’s very important for truckers to have a comfortable seat, as driving for a long period of time in an uncomfortable position can take its toll on your body. Since truckers drive all day or all night, it’s crucial to have support to avoid lower back pain and keep all focus on the road. Continue reading for a few tips on how to make your truck seat more comfortable.

Memory Foam

Memory foam seat cushions are very helpful for reducing pain and making long hauls more comfortable. Most seat cushions on the market can also be washed in the washing machine to ensure it stays clean and hygienic.

Beaded Seat Covers

If you are more concerned with reducing sweat for summer drives, beaded seat covers are the best option. They are great for increasing air circulation and keep you from sticking to the chair fabric. The beads also act as great massagers for your back and can make a long haul feel much more enjoyable.

Cooling Cushion

Another great way to beat the sweat in the summer is with a cooling seat cushion. While air conditioning is helpful, sometimes it’s not enough to keep your whole body cool. They also make heated seat cushions for the winter months, so you’ll be comfortable all year-round.

Take Walks

In addition to comfy seat cushions, it’s always a good idea to get out and stretch whenever possible. Sitting all day will always lead to leg cramps and pain, even if you have the most luxurious seat. Taking short walks and stretching your legs is an easy way to reduce muscle pain while keeping fit and healthy on long hauls.

Driving Position

You can also rearrange your driving position to make sure your seat and steering wheel are in the best position. You don’t want to be too far from the clutch so you have to stretch to push it to the floor, but you don’t want to feel too cramped either. Tilt the seat forward a little to help with circulation, and make sure the backrest is straight so you aren’t hunching over. The steering wheel should be close enough that your elbows are bent, rather than straight.

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