How Often Truckers Come Home

How Often Truckers Come Home

How often are truckers home? It depends on different factors.

The trucker’s life comes with its pros and cons like every job, but within that life there are some variations. One often thinks of trucking as spending long hours on the road every single day. Do they ever come home? How often truckers come home depends on multiple factors, and if the trucker agrees with that lifestyle, you have a happy trucker regardless of how often he comes home.

Type of Trucking

The type of trucking is a major factor in how often truckers come home. There are three major types of trucking: OTR, regional, and local. Different truck driving companies may offer one or more of these kinds. 

OTR (over the road) trucking spans countries; OTR truckers in the U.S. might travel into Canada and Mexico as well as cross-country. In this case, the driver might only be home once every 4-6 weeks. 

Regional truckers are usually home weekly, but it also depends on the company. Evan Transportation offers regional trucking services in the Mid-Atlantic region, covering the span of central Pennsylvania to Virginia and New Jersey to West Virginia. 

Local truckers are home practically every night. They typically remain in one state and might deliver freight to one customer on set routes or multiple customers.  

What the Trucker Prefers

As one can see, truckers help bring freight to businesses at vastly varying distances, but all of these positions are necessary to help commerce flow. Any given trucker might tell you a different answer concerning how often they come home, but what is most important is that each trucker is content with serving in his position. How often do truckers come home? It depends on whether he has chosen an OTR, regional, or local trucking job, and how the trucking company manages those driving schedules.

The Importance of Happy Truckers

How important is it for truckers to have home time? It might seem like a question with an obvious answer, as spending time at home with one’s family is very precious. It also allows truckers to enjoy other aspects of home, such as a real bed, home-cooked food, and other such things. Of course, not all truckers have the same situation or preferences, and some are more willing to live life on the road than others. No matter what, it is important for trucking companies to treat their employees well and give them the lifestyle they enjoy. Then, the company thrives.

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