A Trucker’s Packing List: Essentials To Take On The Road

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Check out this guide of essentials every trucker needs on the road!

A truck is like a second home for truck drivers, as they spend a significant amount of time on long hauls across the country. If a trucker forgets an essential item before leaving on a long haul, it can be hard to make it through until the next assignment. Before taking off on your next job, make sure to follow this guide of essentials to keep in your truck!

Rain Gear

Weather is unpredictable, so it’s always important to keep a set of rain gear in the truck in case you get caught in a storm. Even if you’re heading to a sunny destination, rain can come out of nowhere, and you never know what troubles you may have with your truck. Preparing an emergency pack of a raincoat, rain pants, and a flashlight is crucial to staying safe in a storm.


Have you ever forgotten to pack a pair of sweats or a sweatshirt on a vacation because you assumed it would always be warm? Even in the hottest of climates, nights can get very cold, and you’ll be wishing you had a comfortable pair of sweatpants and a soft hoodie.

Clothing For Location

If you’re driving to California or Florida and plan on having some off time, make sure to make a swimsuit and beach gear! Many truckers agree that traveling is one of the biggest perks of the job, and you want to take as much advantage of your travels as possible. Whether you want to hike, swim, or play golf in the state you end up in, remember to pack acceptable clothing for these activities.


While downtime is limited on the road, you’ll have some free time to relax and unwind from a long drive. Remember to download music, movies, TV shows, or books on your E-reader before taking off on the assignment in case you don’t have reliable access to Wi-fi. With tablets and devices, make an extra note to bring the corresponding charge and headphones, as you don’t want to be left with a dead tablet and no entertainment until you make it home.

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