The Best First Assignments for Rookie Truckers

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For rookie truckers, there are some ideal first assignments.

The first day at every job is stressful and full of unknowns, and the first day as a

rookie trucker can be even more intimidating. There are several types of jobs
available in the trucking industry for rookie truckers and all of them have different
requirements and options. Here’s what you need to know about the different types
of trucking assignments and which ones are the best fit for rookie truckers.

Dry Van & Refrigerated Freight
These are the two most common types of rookie trucker jobs because they are two
of the most common types of assignments available! They don’t require much
additional training and both are relatively straightforward to complete. Other types
of freight are much more dangerous and stressful to haul, so dry van and
refrigerated freight make a good starting place. Both of these jobs do not require
much physical effort on your behalf, as you don’t typically need to worry about
unloading the freight. Unlike with flatbed driving, you also won’t need to worry
about securing the load or manage liquids like a liquid tanker.
Dry van and refrigerated freight assignments both have similar pay amounts. The
core difference between the two is the amount of time you’ll spend at home and the
consistency of work. Most refrigerated freight companies ask drivers to stay out for
3-4 weeks and then return home for 3-4 days at a time. Dry van companies typically
have more flexible home time options and more work throughout the year. The
holiday season is very busy for dry van rookie truckers.
Flatbed truck companies will also accept rookie truckers to haul for them. While
flatbed isn’t necessarily the best job for every rookie trucker, they can be perfect for
certain types of drivers. The learning curve for driving flatbed trucks is steep, as the
tarps alone can weigh upwards of 100 pounds. Flatbed company rookie trucker jobs
can have you home every weekend, so that is a major upside for many drivers.
However, the extra work and responsibility don’t always reflect in your paycheck.
Dry Bulk
Dry bulk tankers are used for hauling large quantities of dry goods. These rookie
trucking jobs typically require you to do some physical labor, including the
offloading and hooking up hoses. Dry bulk companies do offer flexible amounts of
time at home, but these jobs are not as easy to find or in demand as dry van or
refrigerated freight jobs.
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