Tips For Increased Fuel Efficiency

The cost of fuel typically accounts for about 30% of a fleet’s budget. That’s a lot of
gas! Companies use all sorts of methods to try and keep those costs down. There are
apps and various kinds of software geared towards increasing fuel efficiency and
there are even hybrid-powered vehicles. But, what a lot of managers often overlook
is that educating their drivers is actually one of the cheapest methods they can use.

fuel efficiency

Better fuel efficiency practices can save you big time at the pump.

Education helps in many ways:
  •  Drivers know they can make a difference
  •  The drivers learn that increasing fuel efficiency increases job security by increasing their company’s profits. If they’re using less fuel, it costs less money.
  •  Using less fuel is better for the environment.
  •  Drivers become more aware of how the way they drive affects fuel consumption and the importance of driving responsibly.
Planning Ahead Minimizes Gear Changes
It is far more fuel efficient to keep moving at a slow pace than it is to start beck up
from a complete stop. By knowing what’s ahead, you minimize gear changes and
keep your truck moving. It is also better from a safety standpoint to keep a close eye
on any upcoming potential hazards.
Follow the Posted Speed Limit
Those limits are there for a reason. Other than the obvious safety concerns and
speeding ticket fines, speeding actually decreases fuel efficiency. There was a study
done that showed that for every 5mph over 65mph, there was a 7% decrease in fuel
efficiency. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but it will add up over time.
Physics is Your Friend
Using the momentum you build on flat-ways and going downhill can really help you
get up hills. Going down a particularly long hill? You probably don’t even need to
hit the gas. The less time your foot is on that pedal, the more fuel-efficient you will
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