Safe Driving During a Summer Heat Wave

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When the summer sun really kicks in, there are specific safety tips to keep in mind out on the road.

The hot weather is here to stay and many drivers are hitting the road to visit

vacation spots throughout the country. When you’re a trucker, that means dealing
with all of the headaches that the heat and all of the drivers cause. Here are some
simple summer tips for safe driving during a heat wave.

Check Your Truck
Before you hit the road, take care to check the following:
  •  Check the air conditioning system on your truck to make sure that everything is in working order. The compressor condenser, evaporator, and receiver-dryer should all be examined.
  •  Check your transmission fluid to see if it needs to be changed. As a rule of thumb, change your transmission fluid every 15,000 miles.
  •  Check your tire pressure to make sure that they are not overinflated. Many times, truckers fill their tires with more air in the cold and then their tires are overinflated during the summer months when the air expands.
  •  Check your radiator coolant to make sure that it will properly protect your engine.
Plan Ahead
Take the time to plan ahead before you hit the road during a summer heat wave:
  •  Leave early in the morning before the heat fully kicks in or in the late evening once the sun has set. This is also good for your truck’s engine.
  •  Wear clothing that is light in color so that you don’t get overly warm while driving
  •  Take drinks with you in your truck while you drive. Opt for water and hydrating drinks, not sugary soda.
  •  Always charge your phone before you leave for your trip and have a car charger ready if necessary.
  •  Bring healthy snacks that will be light in your stomach instead of heavy or dense junk food that will weigh you down and cause discomfort on the road.
  •      Stay Safe on the Road

When you are driving during a heat wave, always pay attention to the following:

  •  Teen drivers hitting the road for the first time, who might not necessarily be paying attention.
  •  Drivers on long road trips, who also might not be giving their full alert attention to the road.
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