What Are the Best Mobile Apps for Truckers?

Trucking apps

Recent mobile apps can make life much easier out on the road.

Every industry has to keep up with current technological advances, and the trucking

industry is no different! The current technology keeps us in touch with loved ones,
other drivers, brokers, carriers and the home office. Electronic logs are far more
accurate and have the potential to save loads of time. With all of the tools available,
the search for the right ones may seem daunting. These are just a couple of
suggestions of the more popular apps that are currently on the market.

Overdrive’s Trucker Tools
This app helps locate route essentials such as nearby truck stops, rest areas,
weighing stations, and service centers. It also features tools that help with
optimizing fuel usage and planning routes.
It is also great for brokers, carriers, and shippers because it allows them to track a
shipment’s route and receive status updates in real time. This feature can provide a
huge boost to your company’s credibility. Instead of having eager customers
constantly calling and insisting on updates, they can look it up for themselves.
What others say about it: This app generally gets good reviews. Other users have
reported great functionality and reliable status updates.
With over ten years spent developing their system, this app offers a streamlined
process to handle cash flow and documentation. Using this app can take
opportunities traditionally only available to larger operations and put them
(literally) at the fingertips of smaller operations.
The most commonly used features are:
 Document Capturing for Scanning and Faxing
 Indexing and Data Validation
 Workflow Support
 Data Storage, Retrieval, and Distribution
 Cloud Based Document Access, and so much more!
Contact them for pricing and assistance.
What others say about it: This app has mixed reviews, but the majority of reviewers
have liked it. Recently, updates have been made that fix some of the issues.
The idea of this app is to save you time. You can submit a work order between 2 and
24 hours before arriving at TA Truck Service or PetroLube locations. You can
purchase shower time within 50 miles, eliminating the need to wait in line at the
kiosk. You can even check parking availability and reserve a spot up to a week in
Other features include parking updates, fuel prices, check balances and account
information, and the addition of one-touch calling for emergency roadside
The app itself is a free download, but it does require that you maintain a credit
account balance that can easily be managed online.
What others say about it: Users are saying that they like the concept, but it can be a
bit slow. The developers are continuously working on improvements.
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