Can Cell Phone Apps Phase Out Classic CB Radio Communication?

Distracted Driving is a trucker's worst enemy.

CB Radio is a staple of trucking life — but will cell phones phase them out?

You’ve heard the saying before—there’s an app for that! When it comes to classic CB

radio communication, the way that truckers have communicated amongst each
other for decades, there are many cell phone apps that are claiming to be potential
replacements for the mode of communication. Can cell phone apps ever phase out
classic CB radio communication?

One new app, called TruckChat, is designed to be a free, digital DB radio. Over time,
the app hopes to become more refined and better mimic the classic CB radio. CB
radio communication is known for having a very small radius. TruckChat was built
without that radius, so they are trying to split user groups and geographic areas as
they go to better mimic the close-by feel of a CB radio. They are planning on
eventually refining the application so that it uses a small radius (a couple hundred
miles or up to 500 miles away).
Just like the Real Thing
Some truckers like that TruckChat allows for a certain degree of anonymity, just like
CB radio communication. Users do not need to register, enter their name and
address, or even put in an email address. Instead, truckers wanting to use the app
just need to pick a username that they want to go by. Of course, the anonymity can
lead to the same problems that occur on CB Radio. However, the app comes with a
built-in dictionary designed to star four letter words and the like. If someone is a
repeat offender, their phone will be blocked from connecting to the service.
Better Than the Real Thing
In some ways, TruckChat is better than the real thing, as it allows for a greater
flexibility in terms of posting. Truckers can post a wide variety of things, not just
chatting. Truckers post job offers, loads, traffic, truck stops, diesel prices, the
weather in certain areas, and just about anything you can think of. It’s a great way to
keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on around you, just like classic CB
radio communication.
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