Final Thoughts on That Long Summer Haul

Man driving a truck

As summer is coming, here are last-minute tips to make that haul a little more fun!

The weather this week is proof that summer is here! The pavement is heating up, drivers are getting a little more ornery, and traffic is creeping closer to bumper-to-bumper as families prepare to hit the beach. Unfortunately for truck drivers, summer driving can feel like anything but a summer vacation. Here are some of our best tips to make your next long summer haul feel more like a trip and less like a chore.

Keep the Sun Out of Your Cab

While the sun is the quintessential part of summer, many truckers suffer health effects from the huge amounts of sun exposure they get on the road. Trucker’s arm is the phrase used to describe the tan many truckers get on their left arm while driving. While the tan might just seem like a silly quirk of life on the road, being exposed to the sun without any sunscreen will lead to sun damage over time and potentially sunburn in the short term.

Be Patient

Driving in the winter is difficult due to the tricky roads that are icy, snowy, and worse. Driving in the summer is difficult due to the many vacation-minded drivers lining the highways. Always be patient to others on the road and be more alert than usual. There are more drivers on the road at any point during the day in the summer, so be sure to account for that when planning the timing of your trips as well.

Stay Hydrated

Driving on the road is actually similar to spending time outside in terms of your body’s hydration needs. Always bring a bottle of water with you in your cab and take the time to drink it throughout the day. If you are stranded or waiting for a new tire on the side of the highway in 100 degree weather, you’ll be glad that you thought to bring an extra bottle of water! If you don’t like drinking water by itself, try purchasing drink mix packets like Crystal Light.

For All of Your Trucking Needs

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