Summer Tips for Trucker Safety

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Summer brings more vehicles on the road, and more safety measures for professional truckers.

Truckers are behind the wheel and driving for long hours. There are some summer tips to help with trucker safety that you should be aware of. A few driving tips will ensure you’re a little safer.

Wear Lots of Sunscreen

Even though you might be protected behind glass, the UV rays are still going to penetrate. If you’re not careful, you could easily burn. You might not even think that there is enough sun getting through, but by the end of the day, you could be bright red. The Mid-Atlantic region gets plenty of sun and therefore you want to be better protected. It’s a good idea to re-apply every few hours so you don’t have to worry about severe sunburns.

Get a Maintenance Check

Good drivers know the importance of a maintenance check before getting on the road. When you’re driving during the summer, there are a few extra things you have to consider. This includes making sure that you have plenty of water in your radiator so you don’t overheat. You also want to make sure you have strong tread on your tires in the event that it rains. The last thing you want is for the weather to cause you problems out on the road. A simple maintenance check can help you to overcome obstacles you deal with.

Keep an Eye on the Road Whether you’re doing a short haul or long haul, you have to keep a close eye on the road. The summer months are when more people take vacations. This means you’re going to have a lot of people out on the road. Not everyone is going to be looking where they’re going, so you have to anticipate their moves in order to stay safe while out on the road. You don’t want to get into a crash just because you weren’t expecting as much traffic as what’s out there. Trucker safety should include using all of your mirrors and making sure you signal any time you’re changing lanes.

Check the Brakes

One of the most important driving tips is to check the brakes. The summer heat has the tendency to wear down brake pads. When you’re in a big truck, it takes more effort to stop and therefore you need all the help you can get with good brakes. When you want to learn more about transportation options, contact us at Evan Transportation today.


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