How to Keep In Shape While On the Road

Truck driving is one of the largest occupations in the United States according to the U.S
Department of Labor and also one of the jobs that are the least physically active. While truck
drivers play an important part of our economy and industry delivering packages and products
most drivers can spend up to eleven hours a day driving. Today we are going to discuss some
tips and tricks from to help you stay active on the road.

Hands and Arms
A big part of trucker’s daily lives requires extended use of their hands and arms. Most of a
trucker’s day is spent steering a truck across town or even across the nation. Your fingers or
hands may start to feel cramped or painful as a result. Hand cramping can lead to chronic
illness like carpal tunnel and arthritis. To offset these diseases, make this stretch part of your
routine: at a red light, lift your hand from the steering wheel and rotate your write right and left or
in a circle.
Shoulder shrugs are another great way to release tension and strengthen your shoulders while
you are sitting all day in your truck. While at a red light or on a break, lift your shoulders up to
your ears-like you’re shrugging-and hold the position for a few second and release. Live Strong
recommends ten to fifteen repetitions through the day can help significantly reduce stress and
Did you know you can do a simulated abdominal crunch even while driving? To strengthen your
abdominals and help keep fit, simply squeeze your abdominal muscles and hold it. Try holding it
for at least a minute; if that is easy for you, hold it for the length of a song playing on the radio or
a news report. Repeat for the duration of every red light, in between exits on the highway or
whenever a particular song plays on the radio.
If you are a trucker with a sleeper cabin, planks are a great exercise while you are taking a
break or before you sleep. Plank exercises are full body-they strengthen your backs, arms and
legs as well as your abdominals. When there is room begin the exercise on your hands and
knees. Place your forearms on the ground, shoulder width apart, palms facing down. Kick back
up on to your legs and place and hold for at least thirty seconds keeping your body straight.
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