Trucking Safety Tips: Skid Control and Recovery


Staying calm and focused during a skid is crucial for control and recovery.

It might seem like we’re inundating this blog with winter trucking safety and maintenance tips lately, but it’s so much better to be safe than sorry in the freight truck world. This one is applicable year-round, even in the most ideal weather conditions — we promise. This week we’re here to discuss skids, how to control them, and how to recover from them, calmly and effectively.

Why Do Skids Happen?

Skidding is especially common in the winter when snow, ice, and snow melt can cause slippery patches, but it can also occur for a variety of other reasons. Loose gravel or standing water on the road, excessively worn tire tread, faulty brakes, and driver error are just a few of the additional trucking safety issues and potential sources of a freight truck skidding.

Front Wheel Skid

Most front wheel skids for freight trucks happen as a result of travelling too fast for road conditions, but can also be caused by worn tire tread or uneven weight distribution of the cargo. The best way to control this situation is to stop the truck as quickly and safely as possible — although braking too hard could worsen the skid.

Back Wheel Skid

These are most commonly a result of the freight truck accelerating or decelerating too quickly, either due to poor road conditions or driver error. The most dangerous part of a back wheel skid is the possibility of jackknifing, which can cause a tremendous trucking safety hazard. Back wheel skids are best controlled by taking your foot off the gas. Don’t brake — just let your freight truck slowly decelerate until you regain control.

Drive Wheel Skid

In the event of a drive wheel skid, you again want to avoid braking, as this could worsen the skid. If the skid is due to ice, engage the clutch. As you lose speed, turn the truck quickly, and your truck will start to turn sideways. Next, turn back in the direction you need to be pointing. Once you straighten out, counter-steer quickly to maintain your direction.

Encountering a skid can be one of the scariest and most dangerous parts of freight truck driving. One of the most important things to keep in mind for trucking safety is the need to stay calm and focused. Keeping these tips in mind should help you know what to do if you feel yourself lose control.

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