Winter Truck Driving Safety Tips


Truck driving can be a dangerous task — especially in the winter.

Truck driving, especially in the icy parts of the United States, during the winter can be dangerous. However, if you keep these winter driving safety tips in mind, you’ll find winter truck driving to be not only safer, but more comfortable.

Being Prepared Is Key

While it seems like common sense, many people forget about being prepared for inclement weather during their day to day routine, and can often end up in a pinch. If you always make sure to have these things with you, you’ll be ready for anything while trucking.

-Proper Clothing (extra layers, a coat, gloves, rain gear, etc)

-A flashlight

-A blanket, food, and water

-A bag of salt or sand and extra windshield washer fluid

-A windshield scraper

-Jumper cables

-Tire chains or traction mats

-Have half a tank of gas minimum at all times during the winter months

-Plan long trips carefully, taking any potential weather obstacles into account

Complete A Hands On Inspection To Ensure Winter Driving Safety

All professional drivers are required to inspect their vehicles before every trip they take. A visual and hands on inspection where all important parts are accounted for is important. Check more often when your vehicle is exposed to temperature extremes.

Drive Safe On The Road

Drive slowly, as hydroplaning is a significant risk at higher speeds. Give yourself plenty of space between you and other vehicles on the road and be aware of everything that’s going on around you while truck driving. Keeping both hands firmly on the wheel and avoiding sharp movements can help you navigate through wind, ruts in the road, and ice. Brake and accelerate lightly to avoid accidents. Obey all road signs, and use caution when approaching bridges, which are common black ice problem areas.

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