2017 Trucking Industry Trends

The trucking industry will see many big changes in the new year.

The trucking industry will see many big changes in the new year.

Times change, and the new year is nearly upon us. Did you know that there are over 3.5 million truckers employed in the U.S.? Transportations trends are set to have a big impact on workers in 2017. Here are a few things you should look forward to in the new year.

More Industry Interdependence.

With so many truck driver shortages and increased operation costs, reliable vendors have never been more important. A good trucking company can save a lot of money by using their vendors to stay in compliance. Plus, it’s worth hiring a vendor who can accommodate overflow when you have a new customer coming on board and only a short period of time to put together a small fleet.

Improved Efficiencies

Compact shipments continues to be a big priority for everyone in the trucking industry. Technology is always changing, and it’s worth getting the jump on it to improve efficiencies. GPS and smart technology can help determine better routes for truckers as well as combine loads for better cost efficiency. That can mean the difference between a good year and a great year when it comes to profits for your business.

Government Regulation Changes

Laws and regulations are always up in the air, and something that everyone in the trucking business needs to have a good handle on. With the recent administration change, one should keep an eye out for big changes in recording regulations, overtime laws, tracking, and safety regulations. Studying up on the law will help keep you ahead of the curve.


Automation is rapidly becoming more and more integral to our society, and the trucking industry is no exception. In addition to logistics automation, one should expect to see more developments from self-driving cars and trucks. While this technology may still be on the horizon, it is set to be a real game changer for the industry and not something that should go ignored.

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