What Is Team Truck Driving?

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Some truck drivers drive in teams. Here’s more about this side of trucking.

The typical image of the trucker is a lonesome, rough-tough character that traverses the highways and byways of states, regions, and countries. Life as a trucker can be lonely, but not all truckers drive alone. Yes, there are CB radio, apps, and other technologies to keep truckers in communication, but did you know that team truck driving exists? What is team truck driving? Let’s learn about it below.

What Is Team Truck Driving?

Team truck driving is the arrangement of two truckers driving and managing the same truck for their job. If they are regional or OTR truckers, they might sleep overnight in the bunk beds within the semi. The two truck drivers take turns driving and share the work of managing loads and inspecting the vehicle.

What Truckers Gain from Team Truck Driving


Truckers enjoy multiple benefits when signing up for team truck driving. If good company is a priority, then they can have ongoing company, in person. Husband and wife teams are popular, but many become a team based on goals, personalities, etc. Trucking does not have to be a lonely occupation!

Potentially More Pay

Two truck drivers can get twice as much work out of one truck than a lone trucker can, driving more miles and carrying more freight. When working together, team truck drivers could potentially earn more than on their own, especially if their goals are ambitious.

Shared Responsibilities

Driving all day, tying down loads, and other trucking responsibilities lead to a tired trucker at the end of the day. Truckers can help each other when driving together. If one feels fatigued, the other can help out. Sharing responsibilities also helps take some of the load off.

Faster Work

These shared responsibilities can help some of the work, such as truck maintenance and loading, go faster and be more efficient. Two working together with skill can make the work go faster.

In Conclusion

Team truck driving will deliver goods for businesses as efficiently as a solo driver. Nevertheless, driving as a team for work has its advantages for those looking for company, potentially higher pay, and a companion to help share responsibilities and work efficiently. This look into the trucking industry is just one more dynamic.

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