How Truckers Find Loads

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How exactly do truckers connect with companies needing freight shipping?

Whether you are a new trucker or are interested in learning more about the truck driving career, one of the most common questions that you might wonder is how truckers find loads. After all, many truckers need help finding enough loads to keep themselves afloat using one method alone. What are some of the most common ways that truckers use to locate loads?

From Shippers

Shippers need skilled truckers to transport their products to a variety of destinations, so one of the answers to how truckers find loads is by working with shippers directly. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to build relationships with shippers, and the work can be very inconsistent. Many of the most consistent shippers use contracts with companies instead of working with independent truckers.

Load Boards

Public load boards are another method that truckers can use to discover loads. Freight brokers will use these resources to post loads that are up for grabs. If you were wondering how truckers find loads on these boards, they may need to pay a subscription fee first to get access to the loads. Then, you’ll be able to filter all of the listings based on things like what type of truck you are driving or what type of cargo you will be carrying. One of the biggest benefits of using load boards is being able to read reviews of various freight brokers before deciding whether or not to move forward. This method can help ease any concerns that you have about working with a specific partner. 

Freight Brokers

Freight brokers are another one of the most common ways that truckers locate loads. On the freight broker’s end, they are able to source a variety of loads and provide truckers with steady work. As payment, they will request a commission from the load. Truckers often partner with free brokers because it is a less stressful way of finding work and you can still work with reputable shippers without needing to lay the groundwork for the relationship on your own.


In conclusion, truckers find loads through various means. They can work in a company that has contracts with different businesses, or they can act as freelance truckers, finding loads through shippers, load boards, or brokers.

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