Boosting Delivery Efficiency with Dropped Trailers

Boosting Delivery Efficiency with Dropped Trailers

Both shippers and trucking companies can find ways to improve their operations with dropped trailers.

Both shippers and trucking companies can find ways to improve their operations with dropped trailers. The nature of dropped trailer service can cut down on time spent waiting for a shipment to be loaded or unloaded. Paired with some other transportation services, dropped trailers could increase delivery efficiency while alleviating some time-related pressure.

Ways to Use Dropped Trailers

When businesses use a dropped trailer service from a trucking company, they are hiring a trucker to deliver an empty or full trailer to their facilities, which will be left there. Instead of waiting for live loading or unloading to go underway, the driver will leave for their next destination. Now, shippers have the flexibility to load or unload their dropped trailers according to their schedule. Many shippers also opt to schedule a drop and pick up within the same appointment. Truckers will drop off an empty or full trailer then haul away the previous trailer shippers and retailers would have already loaded or unloaded. With strategic planning, this use of dropped trailers can considerably optimize a shipper’s operations.

More Convenience and Less Pressure

The greatest appeal of dropped trailers is how it offers businesses more convenience and less pressure when conducting their supply chain operations. Using dropped trailers caters to what works best given your business’s available space, labor, and other resources at the time. While your team can load or unload the trailer at your convenience, the dropped trailer driver has some freed up time too. They can continue with their day’s duties without spending their hours of service waiting at a loading dock.

Using Dropped Trailers as Part of Overall Logistic Plans

Employing dropped trailers itself can be used in conjunction with other trucking and transportation services to even further boost your operation’s efficiency in fulfilling deliveries. For example, it could make a lot of logistical sense to use dropped trailers to complete full truckload deliveries. Typically, dropped trailers and full truckload deliveries take a direct journey to fulfill that one shipment to a particular destination. The shipped goods and products are handled fewer times throughout the course of delivery.

Another service that dropped trailers can be paired with is intermodal drayage. With this, the trailer or shipping container is carried by various modes of transportation, including over the road, railway, and water vessel. There’s more flexibility to line up these transport schedules as well as reduce the need to load and unload the entire shipment from one container to the other.

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