The Truth Behind 4 Common Myths About The Trucking Industry

Learn about the truth behind the four most common myths about the trucking industry.

Learn about the truth behind the four most common myths about the trucking industry.

Just like any industry, there are various myths associated with professionals in the trucking business. While some may be rooted in truth, a lot more are just stories that people tell, that have no basis in the truth. Truck drivers are hard working professionals that often have to drive in tough and adverse conditions. But if you think you have them all figured out you might be perpetuating a myth. Check out these four common myths about truck drivers and the truth behind the stories.   

Poor Hygiene

Yes, it’s true that truck drivers spend the majority of their days behind the wheel of their trucks. This may be why this myth exists, but the opposite is true. Truck drivers take great pride in their appearance and the appearance of their trucks. While they’re on the road, many truck and rest stops offer facilities that allow drivers to refresh themselves and even shower.

Low-income Career

For some reason, there is a myth that truck drivers don’t make very much money. The truth is that truck driving can be quite a lucrative career choice. Since 2015, reports have shown that the average trucker salary has been increasing by up to 12 percent annually. Fir private fleets, the median annual wage for drivers is $73,000, which is higher than the national average for household incomes.

Men Are Better Drivers

The myth that men are better drivers than women isn’t exclusive to the trucking industry, it’s one that many people believe about driving in general. In fact, statistics lean toward the opposite being true. There about 200,000 female truckers. Of those woman professionals, reports show that they are five times less likely to break safety regulations and three times less likely to be in or cause an accident. When it comes to entering the trucking industry, women also pass their CDL certification testing on the first attempt four times more often than men.

Truckers Cause Accidents

While truck drivers are sometimes involved in accidents on the road, they are usually not the causes of those accidents. The media often reports on these accidents because they are usually more dramatic stories to tell than your average fender bender. However, truck drivers are actually three times less likely to be in an accident than those who are operating regular sedans or even SUVs. Accidents involving truck drivers only account for about 2.4 percent of car accidents.

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