Alleviating Truck Driver Fatigue and Pain

Alleviating Truck Driver Fatigue and Pain

Truck drivers face physical and mental strains on the job — here are ways to manage those stresses.

We know the life of a trucker isn’t easy. The job eventually takes its physical and mental toll on the truck driver. There are plenty of healthy lifestyle tips for truckers that improve their physical well-being. In turn, these can have positive effects on their mental and emotional state as well. Here are some common pains and strains truck drivers face and ways to cope or alleviate some of these issues.

Back Pain

Those long, seated hours can cause the truck driver to experience back pain. It’s an unfortunate occupational hazard when drivers must spend long hours driving to meet deadlines. The sedentary daily life and poor seated posture cause stress to certain muscles and joints. A key tip brought up time and time again is to make time to exercise, stretch, and move around whenever you can. Investing in an ergonomic seat cover could also help alleviate discomfort by guiding your body into a less stressful position. Further, try to remind yourself every once in a while to check your posture and readjust.

Eye Strain

Another occupational hazard a trucker might experience is eye strain. Given that the trucker gives their full attention to the road and stares down the long stretches of the highway daily, eye strain is bound to happen. To combat this, remember to put on sunglasses when driving during the day. Truckers should remember to blink often and not get “hypnotized” by the road. Keeping some lubricating eye drops on hand can help moisten the eyes and make one feel refreshed. While driving, the trucker can glance between the mirrors, dashboard, and sides of the road briefly to prevent the eyes from staying focused in one position for too long.


The stress associated with meeting deadlines, poor diet, and bad sleeping habits can cause the truck driver to get headaches. This is dangerous for them and others on the road because headaches could distract the driver and decrease their reaction time. To combat the stressful nature of the job, plan out your journey carefully and make time for restful sleep. If the headache is brought on by dehydration or hunger, a drink of water and a healthy snack could offer significant relief. Try to cut back on the caffeinated and sugary drinks if the headaches are frequent and persisting.

Mental Exhaustion

Frankly, the mental exhaustion, boredom, and loneliness are less talked about aspects when it comes to truckers. Driving for long hours and being away from home for weeks or months at a time is mentally and emotionally draining. Aside from getting enough sleep to feel refreshed, truckers should do what they can to add stimulation and human interaction into their lives. Decorating the cab adds some comfort into the immediate space. Make it a point to call loved ones regularly to stay in touch. Listening to the radio or engaging audiobooks help break up the monotony of the long periods on the road.

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