Uber For Trucking Is Changing The Industry

Uber recently launched Uber Freight, an app for long-haul trucking jobs.

Uber recently launched Uber Freight, an app for long-haul trucking jobs.

Uber has completely changed the modern transportation industry since it began in 2009. People went from fending for themselves and hailing taxis to using ride-sharing services from their cell phones. With the success of Uber– currently valued at $69 billion- it is no wonder that other industries, including the shipping freight industry, want to start including the ride-share model. That is where “Uber for trucking” comes in.

Uber Freight

Uber recently launched Uber Freight, an app for long-haul trucking jobs. The service will match truckers with companies or consumers who need place an order for cargo to be shipped across the country. Drivers can search for loads based on their location and can see the destination, pick up and drop off date and time, cargo weight, distance and the amount they will be paid for completing the delivery.


  • Uber claims that the app takes the guesswork out of finding and booking freight, which is often the most stressful part of a driver’s day and can take hours on the phone.
  • The drivers must sign up and be vetted before they’re allowed to drive. This ensures safety for the drivers and shows the shippers they are getting reliable drivers.
  • Since trucking is an industry dominated by men, the app can help men and women of every race have an even playing field when accepting long-haul trucking jobs.
  • Uber Freight claims to have a very quick payment turnaround, within 7 days of the completed trip.


  • Trucking is a very physically demanding and time-consuming job and requires a lot of planning and budget monitoring by the driver. While Uber drivers in cities may not have a problem when no trips are being requested nearby, Uber Freight drivers will have a problem if they just drove across the country and are not booking any return trips.  
  • Consumers and companies like to establish a connection with their drivers and are looking for a long-term, reliable relationship. Most shippers take the time to find a driving company who is always on time and safe with their deliveries, so they may not be willing to risk their load with a driver they’ve never worked with, or even met.

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